CT Messenger

The Christ Temple Messenger is a quarterly publication distributed by the Communications Department, under the direction of Assistant Pastor, Suffragan Bishop Jefferey Brandon.  Messenger staff members are:

  • Sis. Lauren Meadows, Editor In Chief
  • Sis. Christina Pollard, Associate Editor
  • Sis. Andria Barnes-Burket, Treasurer
  • Bro. Jordan Middleton, Graphics
  • Bro. Thaddeus Starks, Photographer
  • Sis. Leanne Howard, Reporter
  • Evang. Brenda Starks, Reporter
  • Sis. Nancy Starks, Reporter
  • Sis. Mary Tinker, Reporter

2019 distribution dates for are March 24 (Spring), June 23 (Summer), September 29 (Fall), and December 15 (Winter).


If you are interested in purchasing a subscription, the cost is $12 for the year.  Please fill out the subscription information below and you will receive a subscription confirmation from the committee.


CT Messenger Subscription