Christian Academy

Christ Temple Christian Academy established in 1974 is a registered ministry with Level 3 Parts to Quality standing. Our goal is to stand true to our mission statement which is the following:

Christ Temple Christian Academy is committed to providing a safe, Christ centered, nurturing and interactive atmosphere to train, direct and enhance the full scope of development in children which tends to their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social needs. We achieve this by utilizing positive- learning experiences, multiple self-directed and teacher lead activities, and a social curriculum to build a foundation from which attitudes, habits, values, lasting relationships, and future learning grows.

Our staff is comprised of trained professionals who have a heart and passion for guiding our children through learning and play. We encourage exploration, creativity and intellectual challenges that stimulate the thinking process and introduce children to new thought patterns and processes. Our curriculum is provided by and based on the teaching standards and methods of the A Beka Book Company. While this curriculum is structured to be teacher directed, there are many times that the children are encouraged to investigate and explore on their own. Our staff supports the evolvement of the whole child. To cultivate these skills and stay relevant to the changes and needs of the child, our teachers receive formal, informal, and ongoing training to further their knowledge and enhance the daily experiences of the children. In addition to training, our staff takes continuing education courses and participates in community enhancing projects. Our teachers use ISTAR-KR as a measuring tool to test the progress of our children. This is done twice a school year.

We accept On My Way grants, CCDF, and a part of the CACFP food programs. Our weekly fee structure is the following:

Pre-School3-4 years$170.0020 Student Capacity1:10 Ratio
Pre-K4-5 years$170.0024 Student Capacity1:12 Ratio
Kindergarten5-6 years$135.0020 Student Capacity1:10 Ratio
Elementary6-10 years$125.0025 Student Capacity1:25 Ratio

*On My Way to Preschool rates are different because they include field trip and book fees.  Combined, our lead teachers have over forty years of instruction in Early Childhood Education as well as Elementary Education.   Three of our lead teachers hold Childhood Development Associate credentials (CDA), and our elementary teacher holds a B.S. in General Studies.  Our front office personnel hold degrees in General Studies and Biology.  The experience and expertise of our entire staff is invaluable to our school, our parents, and our community.

For additional information, please contact Sherra Hunt, Director, at [email protected], or call 317-924-1255.