Meet First Lady

Vivian Finnell

First Lady of Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Assembly

Vivian Y. Finnell, the First Lady of Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Assembly, married Pastor Charles M. Finnell June 14, 1966 and they are the thankful parents of two sons, Deacon Anthony Sr. and Minister Michael Finnell. Brenda, Deacon Finnell’s wife, is the daughter Lady Finnell and her husband never had until she entered the family. Pastor and Lady Finnell’s cherished grandchildren, Tiffani, Anthony Jr., and Kourtnei are the children of Deacon and Sister Finnell.

Lady Finnell was baptized in Jesus’ name April, 10, 1970 at Grace Apostolic Church, Indianapolis under the leadership of the founding pastor, the late Bishop Morris E. Golder. She received the gift of the Holy Ghost at YAC (Young Adult Camp) in St. Louis, Mo., during a camp retreat.

First Lady Finnell is a graduate of Marian College in Indianapolis where she received her degree in nursing, and is a registered nurse. While completing her undergraduate work, she became a member of the National Honor Society by excelling in the upper 10 percent of her class.

In May, 1980 when her husband founded The Apostolic Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Bloomington, she labored along with him for nearly twenty-three years until 2002 when he answered the call to become Pastor of Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Assembly.

While in Bloomington, she was an instructor for a women’s Bible study group on the campus of Indiana University. She continues to feel compelled to encourage and exhort women of all ages, to have a personal relationship with God, while admonishing them to love being women of courage and integrity. She is a capable altar worker. She served as the president of the Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows Alliance of the Apostolic Bible Students Association of the P.A.W. from March 1998 until June, 2004. She has also served on the Budget and Finance Committee of the A.B.S.A. council. Without flaunting her role as the pastor’s wife, First Lady also fills in whenever and wherever needed within the church. In February, 2008, Lady Finnell was awarded an honorary doctorate in humanities from Grace Theological Bible College of Louisville, Kentucky.

Lady Finnell loves to teach Sunday school as well as expound the word of God in other areas. She has a natural knack of stimulating the thought processes of her students and she is gifted with the ability to share the scriptures in a way which makes them relevant and applicable for the day in which we live.

In 2003, Not to Believers Like Us, Inc., a faith based advocacy against domestic violence was birthed out of a realization that the faith community was not addressing the needs of those who were experiencing domestic and family violence in the faith community. Lady Finnell, along with many others, set in her heart to become a voice for women, children and men of faith who were facing violence in their homes daily. She is also affiliated with a number of community organizations and sits on the board of two of them.

Lady Finnell maintains her greatest accomplishment, next to being a child of God, is that of being a helpmeet to her husband. Her heart’s cry is to please the Lord always and to be used for His glory. She gives all the glory and honor to God for any high honors she has received, or may receive as a saint of God, and as the wife of Bishop Charles M. Finnell.